Viagra Pill – a Universal Solution of a Complex Men’s Sexual Problem

What are Viagra pills intended for?

viagra pillsThe majority of people today have heard about Viagra pill or read about it, or have seen the commercial of the drug on TV or on the Internet. But not many of them know what it really is, how it works, and what it is intended for. There is a popular belief that Viagra pill is something like a food supplement for enhancing potency and boosting sex drive. But in fact, Viagra is neither a supplement nor vitamin, but a medication, which is manufactured from a synthetically produced agent – sildenafil. The main (and the only) task of Viagra pill is regulating erectile function through improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs. In most countries of the world, it relates to the category of prescribed only drugs. The main indication of Viagra pills taking is erectile dysfunction of different etiology, including low testosterone, cardiovascular disorders, obesity and other reasons. Also this med can be used as an integral part of a comprehensive treatment of such disorders as prostatitis and pulmonary hypertension.

What is erectile dysfunction and how does Viagra treat it?

cheap viagra pillsErectile dysfunction is not a single failure in bed. The diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is put in case of repeatedly occurred men’s failures regardless of time of day, a degree of sexual arousal and other variables. These failures are always associated with lack of ability of reaching erection sufficient for sexual intercourse and maintaining it at a required level. The most common reason for it is devascularization or disturbance of blood supply in the pelvic organs. As a result, blood inflow to the penis is not sufficient for a firm erection. The role of Viagra pill in this process is crucial. It influences the muscles in the walls of certain vessels, helping them to relax. The constricted vessels get wider and let blood flow to the penis freely. The process is launched approximately in 30-40 minutes after the taking of a Viagra pill and lasts for about 4-6 hours. Within this period of time, a man can make sex as many times as he wants. An important condition here is sexual arousal. Without it, erection won’t occur in spite of the relaxing effect of Viagra pills. To sum it up, sildenafil is not a stimulator of sexual desire. It doesn’t enhance arousal as well. All it is responsible for is improving circulation for a better blood supply of the penis.

Are there Viagra pills for sale online?

Thanks to its universal action and effectiveness, Viagra is extremely popular drug all over the world, despite Viagra cost per pill is rather high. Prices for this drug are regulated neither by the state nor by a manufacturer, so everyone who needs to take it on a regular basis tries to find cheap Viagra pills or its analogues. Of course, it is easier to do it over the Internet for several reasons:

free viagra pills• Prices offered by online drugstores have traditionally been lower than in brick-and-mortar pharmacies.
• Online drugstores offer a greater choice of so-called generic drugs, which are, essentially, full analogues of the brand-name Viagra, while being much cheaper.
• An opportunity of staying anonymous, which is important for those men, who want to keep in secret their intimate problems.
• A possibility to obtain free Viagra pills within the framework of promo offers and special campaigns conducted by retailers.

Do I need to visit a doctor before ordering Viagra?

Though in some countries of the world Viagra pill is available without a prescription, and online pharmacies offer high-quality generics over the counter, you are strongly recommended to see an urologist before buying the drug. And there are some reasons for it:

• A doctor will help you to determine the reason of your disorder. Maybe it makes sense to treat a cause, not an effect.
• You will get a consultation concerning contraindications and side effects. A health specialist will say whether you can take the drug safely, or there are some limits to its taking, taking into account your state of health.
• A men’s health specialist will give you precise information of optimal daily dosage for better results.

If you already have a positive experience of taking Viagra or its analogues (generics) and know for sure how the drug is tolerated and what kind of effect it gives, you may order it without visiting a specialist. However, keep in mind that Viagra pill is a drug that must be taken in strict compliance with the instruction in a recommended dose. You must not take more than one Viagra pill per day.

The role of Viagra pill in the history of ED treatment

Impotence, sexual incapacity, loss of men’s power, astysia – this disorder used to have different names throughout the history. Today is called more ethically correctly – erectile dysfunction. But the essence of the issue stands unchanged at all times. Though the loss of erection is not as evident as hair loss, man, who loses his sexual power, feels that he ceases to be a man in the full sense of this word. No surprise that men have always tried to find an effective tool for treating this frustrating problem. But it was quite a challenging task until Viagra pill appeared.

Viagra is the first ED drug in the history that helps to ease the symptoms of the disorder regardless of the cause. Thanks to its unique effect, it has changed lives of millions men worldwide in spite of the fact that initially Viagra cost per pill was extremely high. One small pill replaced all complicated procedures that existed before its discovery. Fortunately, nowadays the drug has become more affordable. Today everyone can find Viagra pills for sale and forget about the nightmare called erectile dysfunction. And modern online drugstores allow purchasing of cheap Viagra pills at favorable terms.