1) Can I combine Viagra with aphrodisiacs for better performance?
Viagra shouldn’t be combined with alcohol, heavy meals, and other drugs. If by aphrodisiacs you mean fruit, spices or some food products, – yes, you can take them with Viagra. If you mean some drugs, you’d better consult your doctor.

2) When is it better to take Viagra – before or after meals?
Viagra is more effective when it is taken on an empty stomach. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stay hungry. You can take it after a light meal, but try not to eat much fatty food. And mind that maybe you will have to wait a little longer for an effect.

3) Does Viagra affect an ability of driving a car?
Side effects of Viagra can include a headache and dizziness, so, if you don’t know for sure how it will affect you, you are not recommended to experiment. You’d better postpone driving a cat until the end of its effect (5-6 hours).

4) I am taking hypertension drugs. Can I take Viagra as well?
Usually, all known blood pressure drugs do not interact with Viagra. Nevertheless, if you have high blood pressure, consult a GP before taking Viagra. It can cause jumps in pressure, which can be dangerous for you.

5) I’m afraid of getting addicted to Viagra. Are my fears groundless?
Viagra does not cause physiological addiction. You can take it when needed, but only if you have real problems with erection. Of course, it shouldn’t be taken without reason.

6) I am 25, female. Can I boost my sex life with Viagra?
Viagra is contraindicated to women and children. Moreover, it is taken for improving erection problems, not sex drive increasing. No one should take it just for fun, especially girls. It is not known what its effect can be.

7) I took a Pill of Viagra, but erection wasn’t firm enough. What should I do?
If it’s your first experience, try to take it once again. It happens that Viagra has not an immediate effect. Also, you can discuss it with your doctor, maybe you need to increase the dosage.

8) I suffer from erectile dysfunction caused by anxiety. Will Viagra help me?
Viagra restores erectile function irrespective of its cause because it works at a biochemical level. Nevertheless, you’d better consult a psychiatrist and try to eliminate the initial cause. And Viagra will help to ease the symptoms.

9) My partner is taking Viagra. Can it have any effect on me?
The effect of sildenafil is not transmitted to another person through sperm or by airborne transmission. If your partner takes Viagra, sildenafil is absorbed in his blood exclusively and has an effect only on him.