Men’s Obesity, Its Influence on Sexual Health and Ways of Treatment

It is considered that men suffer from obesity less frequently than women. However, over the recent years, this problem has been gaining momentum. Male obesity differs from the female one by its causes. That is why it should be treated differently.

Reasons of Male Obesity

The most common causes of obesity in men are the following ones:

• Sedentary way of life. It is also called hypodinamia. Modern men use cars everywhere. They almost don’t walk on foot. Moreover, many of them work at offices, where they have to sit still all day long. Lack of physical loads causes body weight gain. What is more, after the working day men prefer to sit against TV or computer instead of walking in the park.
• Unhealthy nutrition. Everyone knows that we should eat healthy food, and should not eat unhealthy food. But in real life very few people, especially men adhere to this simple rule. Instead of eating fresh vegetables, low-fat meat, and seafood, they consume fast-food, refined products and beer. As a result, more and more men become overweight.
• Testosterone level. This is perhaps the most serious men’s problem, which cannot be resolved just by changing nutrition habits or increasing physical activity. Testosterone starts to reduce after the age of 30, and along with its decreasing a man starts to look less masculine and gains more bodyweight, especially in the abdominal region.

The effect of obesity on sexual life

Probably one of the most frightening consequences of obesity for men is its negative effect on men’s sexual power. Firstly, extra weight reduces libido. As obesity in most cases is associated with low testosterone, sex drive usually decreases along with gaining body weight. Secondly, overweight men very often have problems with potency. It is explained with vascular disorders: high cholesterol level and difficulties with blood circulation. Though erectile function can be restored by even cheap Viagra pills, the cause of the problem doesn’t disappear. Thirdly, sex is a serious physical load for overweight men, who must be very careful with it because of higher risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

Ways of solution

To resolve the problem of obesity, men are recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle. Moderate physical activity combined with a healthy diet makes wonders. It is the key to a good health. Another important moment is regular visiting of health specialists. Men after 40 are recommended to check testosterone and cholesterol level regularly. Nonchalant attitude to health can worsen the problem, making it even more dangerous for health.

All the above methods relate mostly to preventive measures. However, they are not sufficient for the treatment of a severe form of obesity. In this case, a serious medication treatment or even surgical operation can be required. Of course, no self-medication should be done here. The decision of obesity treatment is made by a qualified specialist basing on the results of medical tests and general estimation of the patient’s condition.