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David D.

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I haven’t been living sexual life for some years. I am 49 now, and till the recent time I was sure that this is ok, and that sex is for young guys. On this site, I’ve read some interesting articles regarding men’s health. Now I’m going to visit a doctor and try to find out the cause of ED in my case. Maybe Viagra will help me?
Mark N.

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Sam T.

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I have no serious erection problems, but I suffer from chronic prostatitis, which annoys me greatly. Some time ago I’ve tried Viagra, and to my surprise, I noticed positive changes! Urination became less painful, and erection – firmer and longer.
Victor F.

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My husband has some problems with an erection after trauma. He has long been too ashamed of his problem. After all, I decided to buy Viagra and convinced him to try a pill. And it worked! Of course, his state of health doesn’t allow him to live a too active sexual life, but at least he feels that he is a real man again. We love each other and we want to have a baby one day.
Alice J.

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Nickolas P.

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Dean G.

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Andrew S.