What are the Main Risks of Men’s Nonchalant Attitude to Their Health?

According to the results of a recent social survey, two-thirds of men go to a doctor only in case of emergency. Men tend to care of the condition of their cars more than of their own health. They visit specialists without any enthusiasm, and only when it is really necessary. However, with a course of time, such a careless attitude to health can result in numerous negative consequences.

From a physiological point of view, in senescence of the organism starts as early as at the age of twenty. Metabolic processes slow down, mechanisms responsible for the utilization of ageing cells are launched, while producing new cells is reduced. Functioning of endocrine glands also slows down, in particular, men experience gradual reducing of testosterone synthesis. At the same time, bone density is decreasing, and skin becomes less elastic.

Why is it necessary to visit a doctor?

With the course of time in a human organism, some asymptomatic diseases can arise. Most frequently such pathologic conditions touch upon men. The most dangerous of them are cardiovascular diseases, which rank first among mortality factors all over the world. The danger is that without medical examination a man will not even realize that he has got heart problems. Symptoms of these problems can be indirect. For example, one of the signs of cardiovascular disorders in problems with potency (erectile dysfunction), which never arises without reason. But instead of visiting a cardiologist, the majority of men prefer to buy a Viagra pill, which can ease the symptoms rather effectively without resolving the initial problem. Meanwhile, a timely consultation with a men’s health specialist would help to prevent the development of the disorder.

Another nasty problem that can queer pitch is prostatitis. This condition can be completely cured at an early stage of its development. But the fact is that men postpone their visit to the doctor until it is too late. As a result, the acquire chronic form of prostatitis and have to live with it.

What is the right approach?

Doctors recommend regular visiting of health specialists starting from the age of thirty. It doesn’t mean that a healthy man must turn into worrywart and dedicate all his spare time to doctors. Not at all. If you feel OK, and don’t have any serious complaints, you can just undergo a general medical examination once a year. However, you have a strong reason to visit an urologist, if:

• you experience problems with erection;
• you feel pain or burning during urination;
• you have too weak urination or frequent uresiesthesia;
• you feel pain or discomfort in the pelvic organs.

Be especially attentive to your erectile function. Keep in mind that problems with erection hardly ever occur without a reason. In the majority of cases erectile dysfunction is not a separate disease, but a symptom of other disorder, which can be cured if early and adequate measures are taken.